What We Do.

Advantage SCM is a leader in global product-sourcing and supply-chain management. We work with you to discover, develop, implement and manage innovative comprehensive product-sourcing and supply-chain solutions, allowing our clients to enhance the quality, cost effectiveness and responsiveness of their supply chain.

Our Strategy.

In many industries materials and services can account for up to 75% of a product's total cost. As a result, companies that don’t invest adequate resources in their product-purchasing team often fail to enhance the value and capabilities of their supply-chain. Inadequate supply chain resources often lead to out-of-date product offerings and increased product costs.

Advantage SCM enables our clients to implement innovative sourcing and supply chain solutions by utilizing our straightforward and transparent rate structure, industry-leading in-house consultants, in-house overseas local agents, proprietary global manufactures factory database and no middle-man-direct-to- factory access and digital platform allow us to add value to your purchasing department’s supply chain.


Straight forward & Transparent Rate Structure:

Advantage SCM fees are straightforward, transparent and negotiated up front, based either on a project-scope basis or term period, allowing for maximum project and client flexibility. Unlike our competitors, Advantage SCM fees are not based on a product markup. When we secure savings, they are directly passed on to you.


In-house Industry Specific Consultants:

Unlike most sourcing and supply chain management providers, Advantage SCM has professional in-house industry-specific consultants to assist in product design, development, production coordination and manufacturing management of your product. Our knowledgeable consultants are up to date on the latest technology, techniques and trends, enabling them assist you throughout the product procurement and supply chain process.


In-Country Local Agents:

Advantage SCM utilizes our network of industry-specific, on-location local agents across the globe to vet suppliers’ factories, equipment, ownership, management, workers and subcontractors to ensure they can continually and consistently meet and supply our clients’ project specifications on time and on budget.


No Middle Man Direct to Factory Access:

While most sourcing agents or popular online services may claim to be or offer “factory direct,” custom manufacturing access, in most cases they are only middle men who increase costs without adding any bottom-line value in quality or price. Generally, when a sourcing partner hesitates, cannot or will not provide timely direct access to the factory, then they are only a middle man or trading company that acts as a broker. Advantage SCM requires all manufacture's  we work with to maintain an open-door factory visitation and inspection policy.


Proprietary Global Manufacture Network:

Unlike most procurement and supply chain management companies who have a limited, outdated and often unreliable network of factories who may only operate in a single country or province, Advantage SCM maintains an actively growing global database of manufacture's with a wide range of capabilities allowing us to provide multiple supply chain options for price, quality, country of origin, production and transit times.

Digital Platform:

Advantage SCM's proprietary digital platform digitizes and connects crucial elements  throughout  the entire supply chain process, enabling seamless end-to-end supply chain access, visibility and control. Our proprietary digital  platform reduces overall product time to market and increases supply chain efficiency.

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